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Nadège Mazars

Colombia: the FARC-EP guerrilla between war and peace

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The 23 September 2015, a historical meeting between Colombia's president and FARC-EP maximum leader Timochenko takes place in Cuba, under auspices of Raul Castro and the US delegate Bernard Aronson.
Three years ago, the FARC-EP guerrilla (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - Peoples Army) and the Colombian government started peace's talks. In past July, the FARC-EP declared a second unilateral ceasefire, while the negotiations have never been so far away.
Waiting for a bilateral ceasefire, it can be possible to imagine that this estimated army of 8,000 people, plus the civilian militias, lays down the guns and takes place in the political and social spaces.
Recently started, the project intents to understand who are these combatants coming from peasant families and living from several years a nomadic life. Female combatants represent between 30 and 40 % of the FARC?s members. But the extent and nature of women?s participation during conflicts is frequently underestimated, and therefore their own place in the implementation of a state?s peacefulness.
What will happen if an agreement is found and how will their reinsertion in the civilian life go on? The future of these fighters and the place give to them in the Colombian society would be a key issue for a successful peace in the aftermath of a 50 years old internal armed conflict.

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