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NICOLA BERTASI Born in Milan, Italy 13th January 1983. Independent Photographer. Since 2014 rapresented by Hans Lucas Studio - www.hanslucas.com. Photography projects in Europe, United States, Middle East, Cuba, Vietnam and India. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the infinite possibilities of visual storytelling as a photographer but also as a writer and editor. I work and study to develop a personal research attempting to conjugate documentary photography and human engagement. I grew up in Genova and studied in Milan. My studies culminated with a Master degree in Modern History. I work for magazines and Institutions.

Nicola Bertasi

Based in Milan (Italy)

Currently in Genova (Italy)


Nicola Bertasi

Pandemic Postcards * first edition *

Voici de mystérieuses cartes postales, adressées aux citoyens de notre temps incertain. Des contes pandémiques d'un quid qui affecte le présent et le passé réce (...)

Nicola Bertasi

Istanbul # 1

Istanbul # 1 2015 Tirage argentique à l'agrandisseur sur papier baryté avec marge blanche et virage au sélénium.