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Née en 1989, Romy Alizée apprend la photographie en posant pour de nombreux photographes, tels que Ren Hang, Laurent Benaim ou Anders Petersen.
Il y a deux ans, elle décide de passer derrière l'objectif et de poser son propre regard sur la nudité et la sexualité, dans une démarche queer féministe, où elle est souvent son propre modèle. 
Elle vit et travaille à Paris. 

Born in 1989, Romy Alizee started as a model for many photographers, before embracing photography herself. Her strong interest for feminism, alternative sexualities and queer culture led her to an ongoing series of selfportraits where she stages her most intimate faintaisies. 
She lives and works in Paris. 

Premier livre photo FURIE aux éditions Maria Inc. sorti en 2018. 
Publications: Grazia, Les Inrockuptibles, Le Bonbon Nuit, Void, Les Crocs Électriques, She Shoots Film, Math Magazine.
Auto-édition de fanzines et collaboration régulière avec le magazine Le Bateau. 

In Romy Alizee warmly world, the great architect is a woman. With a simple black and white film camera and a neutral background, she stages her most intimate fantasies, craftily confuses genders, and religiously celebrates life. 

Born in 1989 from a french mother and greek father, Romy Alizee studied acting before embracing photography. She started as a model for many photographers such as Ren Hang, Anders Petersen or Gilles Berquet, exploring her self-confidence and sexuality. After five years of being a muse for artists, she took her first pictures with an old Olympus analog camera. Gently obsessed by people and nudity, she started inviting her friends, lovers, mother and sister to enter her tiny parisian flat. There, she would let them talk and share their feelings, while taking pictures as they took off their clothes. As an ode to the real people, her images are raw, sensitive and nostalgic. Her strong interest for feminism, body-positivism and alternative/unconventional sexualities led her to an ongoing project, Quand j'ai joui sur toi. With a more straightforward approach, she creates intense pictures and selfportraits at nightfall.
Since 2014, she is a recurrent photographer for the french alternative magazine Le Bateau. She has also been published in various journals (Le Bonbon Nuit, Les Inrockuptibles, Grazia, La Tranchee Racine) and self-published three fanzines. 
In 2018 she has published her first photobook Furie. 

Romy Alizée

Based in Paris (France)

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Quand j'ai joui sur toi 

En 2016, je pose mon appareil sur un trépied, je dirige mes co-modèles, je me place, j'écarte les cuisses et j'active le retardateur. Quand j'ai joui sur toi r (...)

Nuits Blanches

Collections d'images prises au flash, de nuit, des trottoirs parisiens jusqu'à mon lit.