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Plume Heters Tannenbaum, née en 1981, vit et travaille à Paris où elle a son studio. 
Elle commence par écrire pour des photographes, avant de produire ses propres images. 
Son travail est axé sur les nouvelles sexualités, sur le corps et sur sa représentation : du corps objet vers le corps objet de liberté.
Elle suit également en reportage les divers événements de la communauté juive de France. 
Plume Heters Tannenbaum est membre du studio hans lucas depuis 2015, elle a été cooptée par Jacob Khrist.
Publications : Libération, Journal du Dimanche, L'Express, La Croix, Causette, Marianne, Psychologie Magazine, Le Parisien, Causeur...

Plume Heters  Tannenbaum was born in 1984.
She lives and works in Paris, where her studio is located.

She started writing for photographers, before producing images of her own.

Whether she uses her own body, whether anonymous faceless models appear, she tries to objectify the body, as to reverse its social process.
Because the body is freedom, it can let itself be object, in the engaged wave of a pro-sex feminist. Her work, always accumulative, is built of two parts : the societal part, visible but here brought to its end, and the intimacy part that as a matter of fact must be shown.

ROOM only exploits large format (84 x 125) and questions gender, individual identity and collective norm. Sex, skin, marks, lacks, nothing must get away from eyes or questions in these ROOM where loneliness is symbolized by a generational wreck.

UNTITLED Please insert focus on the small format (10 x 10).
Composed exclusively of selfportraits, this more global work attends to inverse time, and once again linger on social limit of modesty, couple and attachment. In this chronological pile, the image becomes facts proof.

From one series to another, Plume Heters Tannenbaum works with digital, analogue or polaroid.

Plume Heters  Tannenbaum is represented by HANS LUCAS. 

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Plume Heters Tannenbaum

Based in Paris (France)


Plume Heters Tannenbaum


Sans titre, Photographie extraite de la série 'Bedroom' 60 x 80 , tirage original Signé & numéroté 1/3 tous formats et supports confondus + AP Tirage ar (...)