Maria Pleshkova

Based in Moscou (Russia)



If we could escape from our memory, it would be much easier... But in the end our personalities are formed by our experiences, be they positive or negative. Unfortunately, the negative experiences are usually the strongest ones. Do you know what it feels like  ... → lire la suite

Days of War

"Days of War: a Pillow Book" is a diary about waiting. The project is based on my personal experience. The man I loved, who is a journalist, went to Libya to cover the war. Unable to join him, I stayed in my native city. I was reading articles and watching the ... → lire la suite


"Inside" is a series of surrealistic self-portraits. No post-production tips and tricks were used here - I work only with light and the body. A woman's body is supposed to be beautiful. Nudes have always been a pretty and attractive thing. For this series, I u ... → lire la suite