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Kalel Koven

Icelandic safe and rescue - Land

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ICE-SAR local unit of Borgarnes. Iceland, Feb. 2018
ICE-SAR has 99 rescue units, located throughout Iceland. Over 3,000 volunteers on standby 24/7 for emergencies. The rescue teams are specialized in search and rescue both on land and at sea. To be able to address the diverse tasks, the rescue teams are well educated in their fields and thoroughly trained. In recent years, specialization within rescue teams has increased, making the work more purposeful: land groups, sea groups, diving groups, advance groups, high-angle rescue groups, search dog groups, etc. Also working within the association is a rescue team for international projects, co-operating with rescue teams in other countries, for example, when major earthquakes occur, as in Turkey in 1999, Algeria in 2003, Morocco in 2004, and Haiti in 2010.