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Kalel Koven

Icelandic safe and rescue (ICE-SAR) - Sea

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Rescue exercise at sea with the Iceland safe and rescue unit. (ICE-SAR) Reykjavik, January 2018.

Onboard in the school ship, "Sæbjörg"  at the Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre (MSSTC) is owned by the Icelandic Association of Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) and was founded in 1985. A wide variety of different courses of maritime safety are provided. 

The Icelandic Coast Guard helicopters play a role on every basic course when the seafarers are winched from a ship, life raft and from the water. Most of the students come from the fishing fleet. There is no international requirement for safety training for fishermen but a national law, force all fishermen to participate in safety course before they go out to sea for the first time.