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Kalel Koven is a French photographer, best known for his documentary project, he has been exhibited with his "Light of My Eyes series, 2010" on several occasions in Paris and Berlin and then in residence at L'Area Galerie in Nice, France. A work that he extended 5 years later with his recent, noticed, series, "Between Us, 2015". (Life Framer Award). He has since worked and published in various magazines (France/International). 

He is still Exploring different kinds of genre and work for the international press. Focusing on documentary photography projects. 

Founder of IN FRAME (a website dedicated to documentary photography)

Fujifilm Ambassador | HL member since 2015. Introduced by Alex Cretey Systermans. 


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Orphanage Masohafa

"Masohafa" orphanage located in the Ampitatafika district of a suburb of Antananarivo, about 15km from the city center, towards the southwest, capital (...)

Arctic Surfers - Iceland, 2018

We stand with Standing Rock

Around New York City

Around New York City is about a capture of city life, candid moments and feeling of everyday life of this incredible city. | Autour de New York City est une err (...)

Hope / Espoir

En reportage pour le nouvel obs, j'ai profité pour réaliser des images plus personnelles, en traversant plusieurs villages, de la Tanzanie à la Zambie et au Mal (...)

Between Us, NYC. 2015

Point de rupture | Ukraine

La monté de la tension entre l'Est et l'Ouest de l'Ukraine, où les séparatistes Pro-russes commencent à s'armer.

Une autre terre | Istanbul

Candid life in the different parts of Istanbul, Turkey.

Palermo Boxing Club

The oldest boxing club of Uruguay. Since 1935 the boxing club is part of the history of the barrio palermo in Montevideo. Jan. 2019

Minchia Palermo

My first time in Sicily the land of my origins Jewish Sicilo-Tunisian. It was a good feeling to feel at home for some reason. To feel the unconscious heritag (...)

End of our times

Trump is elected - Christmas is coming - NYC, DEC 2016

wanderers - Islande

Wanderers - Islande, 2014 Voyage mystique a la recherche des rêves oubliés, des amours perdus, de soi meme.

Retour à la vie | hôpital Cochin, Paris.

Immesrion dans le service réanimation de l'hôpital Cochin à Paris.

Shooting Editorial for "From Paris to Milano" - Manha…

Shooting Editorial for "From Paris to Milano" - Manhattan

Down by the road | Tanzanie, Malawi, Zambie

Photos prises sur la route en traversant de la Tanzanie a la Zambie.

First Line - Security Guards - work in progress

On several tours, we follow the operations and development manager of a private security and safety company. In different places in Paris and the suburbs, the h (...)

A quiet place - Uruguay, 2019

A quiet place / summer in Uruguay / Leisure time

Faire rire New York City - Blanche Gardin comedienne a NYC

Suivi de la comédienne Blanche Gardin, durant ses 7 dates à New York City.

Icelandic safe and rescue (ICE-SAR) - Sea

Rescue exercise at sea with the Iceland safe and rescue unit. (ICE-SAR) Reykjavik, January 2018.

Icelandic safe and rescue - Land

ICE-SAR local unit of Borgarnes. Iceland, Feb. 2018


Portrait of the French comedian/actress Blanche Gardin. Paris. June 12, 2018 on the stage of the "l'europeen" theater