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Florian Jannot-Caeilleté



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A l'initiative du service de Stomathérapie de l'Hotel-Dieu de Le Creusot (71), projet photographique autour du dépistage précoce du cancer colorectal et de Mars Bleu.

Remerciements : Gérard Nectoux, Gilbert Girardon et leurs familles.

On the initiative of the Stomathérapie department of the Hotel-Dieu de Le Creusot (71), a photographic project around the early detection of colorectal cancer and Mars Bleu.

"Mars Bleu" : The month of March is marked, each year, by the promotion of colorectal cancer screening (CRC) which every year affects 43,000 new people in France and kills 18,000. It is the 3rd most frequent cancer and the 2nd most deadly.

Objectives of the project :
- Promote early detection of colorectal cancer.
- To make Mars Bleu known.
- To publicize the stoma therapy consultation in the town of Le Creusot (71).
- To show that after an operation on the intestines and/or ostomy, life is possible again.
- To make the consultation known to the treating doctors and to the town nurses.
who might refer patients to us.

Possible use of these photos during a photo language workshop with the stomatherapy department of the Hôtel Dieu in the town of Le Creusot (71).

Acknowledgements : Gérard Nectoux, Gilbert Girardon and their families.