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Constance Decorde

Catalan Lobster

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In september, I had the chance to attend a masterclass with the great Swedish photographer Ander Peterson (with Eyes in Progress), where I had to go way beyond my traditional way of working. Everything I learnt so far just blew away and instead, it was all about showing my guts, be connected to the picture I was making, find my story in the story, push the questions instead of giving the answers, be sensitive and intimate; in one word, as Anders put it : « Be horrible and seize the lobster »?
A totally new approach to me.
"A Catalan lobster" is a journey in personal photography and in this beautiful region, between vineyard and sea, portraits and still lives, mountains and harbours. During this whole week, I tried to photograph the specifcity of people, the sweetness of the sea, the work in the vineyards, and I had to deal with the difficulty to get personnal and to shoot strangers, and the need to accept my fears.