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Axelle de russé

Bangladesh: Behind the label, 3 years after Rana Plaza

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3 years after Rana Plaza tragedy, hundreds of inspections have been completed.  The factories buildings have been consolidated, smoke detectors installed , medicine cabinets plastered and the minimum wage in the sector slightly increased. But working conditions remain extremely difficults. Workers, who are mostly young women, spend 8 hours a day behind their sewingmachine, 6 days on 7 for 60 euros per month. Often they have to stay 2 extra hours to respond to commands. At the end, they earn less than drivers of rickshaws. They have to regroup themselves to be able to  rent a 7 square meteres room for 50 euros per month. Dhaka?s garnement laborors work in the heat, noise and dust. Dismissal without notice are frequent and, after a short opening period following Rana Plaza's collapse, it is again very difficult to form a labor union.