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Amandine Besacier est photographe, elle vit et travaille entre Paris et Los Angeles.
Adepte du travail à la chambre, elle maitrise aussi bien le film argentique négatif, positif et l'instantané Polaroïds. Elle choisit de travailler avec de jeunes adultes et oriente la réflexion de son travail sur le passage transitoire entre l'adolescence et l'âge adulte.
Amandine Besacier est membre du studio hans lucas depuis juin 2016.   

Amandine finds her inspiration in Hitchcock movies, Gregory Crewdson photographes and Edward Hooper paints. As she was going through her teen age when your tastes and personalities begin to form she developed her attraction to culture, aesthetics and American retro from 50s', 60 ', 70'.
She has these images and stories in mind, these heroines of everyday life, blondes or brunettes, these girls, these women are coming to life on film in the course of her own daily experiences. 
These pictures are fictitious life scene, still images, the staging is meticulous, it results from many castings and long hours of tracking. This is the scene of a movie before the ending where the suspense is at its peak but where we do not deliver the end. The heroines are anonymous, it is easy to identify with, the viewer is free to interpret what happens before and guess what will come next. While these deeply nostalgic photographs reflect an era that Amandine did not live through, they form an echo of a moment in history when women begin to assert themselves, to emancipate, to take distance with their condition.
These are images which reflect a feeling fugitive and recurrent, a moment, in between two breaths, two blinks of an eye where we find ourselves on unfamiliar ground, out of step with the world that surrounds us. An intense moment of doubt when everything appears to flutter and swirl around the character. A moment of solitude mixed with melancholy.

Amandine Besacier

Based in Paris (France)

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